𐤟 Giro della Sicilia 2024: registration open

From 26 to 31 May 2024

Giro della Sicilia edition 2024

Cycling event in Sicily for amateurs

420 km, 8.000 meter altitude gain +, 5 Stages, 6 time trial, 1 cycle touring and 19 villages involved. Six days to discover on your bike the enchanted places of Sicily.
Giro della Sicilia 2024

Discover the promos

1st Release: from 1 to 40 members

€250 (Only subscription)

€820 (Subscription+Hotel)

Sold Out

2nd Release: from 41 to 80 members

€300 (Only subscription)

€930 (Subscription+Hotel)

In Progress

3rd Release: from 81 to 130 members

€350 (Only subscription)

€1000 (Subscription+Hotel)

Edition 2024

What does the registration fee include?

  • Hotel (optional)
  • Personalized Jersey
  • Welcome pack
  • Food and beverage during the stage
  • Sicilian food experience at the end of the stages
What does the registration fee include?
Who we are


ASD GS Mediterraneo was established in 2003 with the aim of promoting cycling sports discipline as a tool for knowledge of territories and cultures, physical and mental well-being, and promoting sports amongst the youth.


As part of cycling amateur, the GS Mediterraneo aims to renew the sector making it safer and more entertaining. It is active in organizing various cycling events (Randonnée Palermo, CX Favorita) and cultural partners (La Domenica Favorita). In 2017, it started the youth project to spread the cycling sport among children (8-12 years).

Giro della Sicilia 2024

Institutional sponsor

Giro della Sicilia 2024

Main sponsor

Giro della Sicilia 2024


Giro della Sicilia 2024


Giro della Sicilia 2024

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