Giro della Sicilia 2023

Edition 2023

In 2023 the Giro della Sicilia will bring all participants to know the enormous naturalistic, cultural and artistic heritage of the Madonie, a protected natural area and included in the UNESCO Global GeoParks network.

The cycle-sport formula provides an alternation of cycling moments where it is possible to pedal in total relaxation at a controlled speed, enjoying the landscapes that the Sicilian mountains offer, to moments of healthy competition where you can give your best during the timed sections.

Stage 1 - Piano Battaglia

Sunday 28/05/2023


Piano Battaglia (RIFUGIO MARINI)


77 km – 1770 EG


(Campofelice, Collesano, Piano Battaglia, Campofelice)


We go up for 37 kilometers, changing landscapes, in the upper part the woods will keep us company up to the “highest beech forest in Europe” in Piano Battagli

Stage 1 - Piano Battaglia

CRONO: Mongerrati – Rifugio Marini (17,4 km – 5%)


Or you could start after Mongerrati at the end of the first two slightly downhill sections; in this case the crono would be 3.7 km less, therefore 13.7 km

Stage 2 - Pollina

Monday 29/05/2023




93 km – 1670 EG


(Campofelice-Collesano-Isnello-Castelbuono-Pollina-Finale-Sant’Ambrogio-Cefalù, Campofelice)


Panoramic tour with crono that takes us to the Pietra Rosa Theater in Pollina where you can enjoy a splendid view of the mountains and the sea

Stage 2 - Pollina

CRONO: SP130 / SP25 intersection – Theater Pietra Rosa (Pollina) (3.6 km – 5.8%)

Stage 3 - Geraci

Wednesday 31/05/2023




143 km – 2600 EG


(Campofelice, Cefalù, Gibilmanna, Castelbuono, Geraci, Petralie, Castellana, Polizzi, Collesano, Campofelice)


The longest and most demanding stage of the tour with a fascinating crono with the last stretch in cobblestones and arrival in the “UNIQUE AND SUGGESTIVE” medieval square

Stage 3 - Geraci

CRONO: Castelbuono (about km 22.5 of the SS286) – Geraci Piazza (14.5 km – 4.9%)


(same crono of 2019)

Stage 4 - La Targa Florio

Thursday 01/06/2023


La Targa Florio


110 km – 1900 EG


(Cerda, Autodromo, Sclafani Bagni, Polizzi Generosa, Portella Colla, Collesano, Campofelice)


Let’s retrace the path of the mythical car race with the time trial in the same famous special stage of the car race

Stage 4 - La Targa Florio

CRONO: Sclafani Bagni (7,3 km – 6%)

Stage 5 - Lascari/Gratteri

Friday 02/06/2023




82 km – 1310 EG


(Campofelice, Lascari, Gratteri, Isnello, Castelbuono, Sant’Ambrogio, Cefalù, Campofelice)


A short stop in the mountains that “runs along the sea” the breathtaking views will never leave us

Stage 5 - Lascari/Gratteri

CRONO: Lascari-Gratteri (10,4 km – 5,5%)

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