Giampaolo Caruso at the Giro della Sicilia 2019

During the Giro della Sicilia you can ride a day with Giampaolo Caruso in the second, third or fourth stages.

Who is Giampaolo

Giampaolo Caruso, originally from Avola (Syracuse), was a professional cyclist from 2002 to 2015 and winner of the Milano Torino in 2014. Among the distinguishing features of his career stand out the European amateur championship in 2001 and the Brixia Tour among professionals in 2009. He is recognize by the regularity in his performances, he completed 5 Giro d’Italia (12th place overall in 2006), 2 Tour de France and 4 Vuelta a Espana, he took part in 12 laps and he finished 11. From 2015 he carries out biomechanical consultancy in Sicily, where he follows and prepares several athletes.

Giampaolo Caruso Giro Della Sicilia 2019

During the Giro della Sicilia

The first stage will be dedicated to the formation of homogeneous groups through the results of the two timed sections. Small groups will be formed to make the experience effective for all participants. Monday evening after the first stage a meeting will be held with the identification of the groups and useful advice will be given on the overall management of the 5 stages.

Schedule of the day

It will be divided into 3 moments:

    • breakfast and food advice before and during the race
    • the importance of a correct heating and management of the chrono phase
    • Tactical management, advice on how to reduce energy expenditure and optimize results
    • The right moment to refuel and integrate
    • How to set the effort during the time trial
    • Final evaluation of the athlete with moments of individual verification and possibility of improvement with practical advice on how to improve their bike performance, reduce pain by focusing on the importance of biomechanics
    • How to better recover your condition by eating properly and managing rest

Rates and Reservations

Giampaolo Caruso Giro Della Sicilia 2019