The Giro della Sicilia is a cycle-sport event, alternating cycle-tourist moments where you can pedal in relaxation at controlled pace, admiring the Sicilian landscapes, at agonism momenta, where (if you want!) you can give your best in the timed stages.

Each participant will be provided with a microchip that will be valid for all stages. All stages will be based on the Noto Velodrome.

Until the start of the timed section, cyclists must never exceed the start of the race car and must maintain an appropriate behavior that complies with the regulations of the event.

The timed section will be indicated one kilometer before by appropriate signage and starting arch.

After each timed section a control point is provided.

In order to guarantee the planned assistance (escort service e refreshments) must be respected the times indicated and the time gates provided, moreover easily respectable by all even a comfortable cycling tour.

The route will also be marked with written indications on the asphalt (arrows and indication “GDS") and / or with signs.


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