Spectacular fourth stage of the Giro della Sicilia, around the Madonie Park passing among the villages named among the most beautiful in Italy.

After the first part along the coast of Finale we start to climb towards Castelbuono and then the timed section that ends at Geraci Siculo.

Giro della Sicilia - Ciclismo

14 km of time trial to finish in the paved streets of Geraci acclaimed by a cheering crowd.

Giro della Sicilia - Ciclismo

When the timed section begins we forget about the cycle tourism and we fight openly and when the road goes up again, Busacca from ASD Grappolo D’Oro gets the better, this time on Johansson and Alfonso, only Swiss Girardi in fifth place overtaken by Von Geurts. Among women, instead, Monica Tardo excells on Ilse Pfeifer and Loredana Pangaro.

Giro della Sicilia - Ciclismo

Feast then in Geraci, with rich refreshment offered by the Municipality. Therefore we start again to face the rest of the stage which, although without further time trial, presents a drop of over 2800 meters. Cross the Petralias, Castellana Sicula and Polizzi where the municipal administration offers further refreshment with cunzato and sfince bread, then for the beautiful villages of Colessano, Isnello and Castelbuono.

Giro della Sicilia - Ciclismo Giro della Sicilia - Ciclismo Giro della Sicilia - Ciclismo Giro della Sicilia - Ciclismo

Here the pasta party offered by the Municipality in collaboration with the Antico Baglio and many welcome tastings of the famous artisan panettone offered by the Fiasconaro company.

Giro della Sicilia - Ciclismo Giro della Sicilia - Ciclismo

Tired, but happy, it comes down again from the mountains to the sea to return to the Pollina Resort.

Giro della Sicilia - Ciclismo

The overall ranking always sees Busacca and Pfeifer in the lead, while Di Liberto and Pangaro lead the middle.

Tomorrow the last stage with the individual time trial in Gibilmanna. Here the general classification.

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