The Route

The second stage of the Giro della Sicilia 2019 with a distance of 116 km and an elevation gain of 1430 meters is definitely the easiest stage of the Giro, but presents a novelty not unimportant: the timed section will be almost entirely in the plains, except of the last 900 meters to 6.5%. Stretch off at km 35, just before the beautiful climb of Caccamo.

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The Territory

The third stage of the GdS2019 will take us along a coastal road to the town of Termini Imerese, across the territory of the mouth of the river Imera, in ancient times place of the famous battle of the Siceliots troops – commanded by Gelone of Syracuse, in help of Terone of Akragas– against the Carthaginians, commanded by Amilcare I.

Termini Imerese Belvedere Giro della Sicilia

The route, which has no particular hard gradients, will be fast; however, after passing the town of Termini Imerese, you will begin an uphill towards Caccamo, famous for its imposing Norman Castle, descending, then, to the Imera River Valley from the territory of Sciara, with the characteristic fields cultivated with artichokes.

Castello Caccamo Giro della Sicilia

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